Why Story Distiller?

Storytelling is a revolutionary act*. So do it with revolutionary software.

Writing screenplays is hard. Writing good screenplays is even harder. And the best screenplay? Well – considering there’s only a few of those are acknowledged each year, you know how that goes.

But a revolution is on its way because with Story Distiller you can create a brilliant screenplay, right from the first draft.

Goodbye, suffering artist trope

Look: pretend that you’re suffering if it helps you impress your friends. But if you want to go pro, you need to be able to write screenplays. And they need to be great. So when you’re away from your friends, away from family and lovers and workmates, when it’s just you alone in your room with your creativity, you need it to flow. Story Distiller helps with the hard stuff so that it can.

Scene beats will ensure you know exactly what happens in each scene before you start writing dialogue, and the graphical timeline and storyboard will help you visualise it all. Overwhelm, the most common blocker for screenwriters, doesn’t even get a look-in.

Once you’ve gone through the Distilling process, you can generate an industry standard treatment with a single click. That’s a treatment that can be submitted to a production company so you can be paid in advance.

Hello, confident and professional screenwriter.

A treatment for structure spectrum disorder

Screenplays, more than any other kind of writing, are governed by structure. The problem is that the structure, like Robert McKee said, is actually a spectrum, and dayum – it’s a mother of spectrum. It contains events, scenes, beats, sequences, acts, story, plot (including archplot, miniplot, and antiplot) and more. No wonder scripts get stuck in development hell (if they’re ever completed in the first place).

Story Distiller does all this and puts it all together so that you don’t have to worry about how all the pieces fit. The graphical timeline and storyboard make it easy to see how your story will play, and the energy line will help you keep tension taut. Pacing is visual instead of relying on word count, which results in dynamic stories and true minute-per-page running times.

And if you want your story to fit a classic structure like The Hero’s Journey, Story Distiller can do that do.

Top stories

Does Story Distiller create stories for you? No. But here’s what it helps you create: rounded, realistic, complex characters and relationships; universe-plausible plots with great pacing; dense scenes. You’ll know for a fact that your story works – and without a single cliché in sight.

With Story Distiller you can achieve in hours what can take years and years to learn. That means the end to endless rewrites and notes.

And since there’s no AI, it’s all your own work. Your IP. Your idea. Your style. Your talent. So that hopefully one day not too far away, it’ll be your name on the screen.

A revolution in screenwriting software

When we say Story Distiller is revolutionary, we mean it: there’s nothing else out there like it. Other scriptwriting programs out there are just fancy formatting software with a whiteboarding component thrown in.  Story Distiller takes you by the hand into the world of your story and guides you through the winding mazes of pacing, characterization, plotting, and format to create screenplays that are multi-layered, complex, information-dense, and production-ready.

It does at least 10 times more than any other scriptwriting software out there, and the work is all your own: no compromising your creativity or integrity, and no giving away your voice or IP to AI for free. Because as a great revolutionary once said, the revolution is made through human beings.

Real human support

Story Distiller was created by storytellers for storytellers, so we get it: it can get lonely sometimes. But from the moment you download Story Distiller we’re there for you. Got questions or problems? Get in touch and we’ll get on them straight away. Got a new feature you’d like us to add? Let us know and we’ll add it to the Kanban board.

And not just that: we’re also working hard to create a Story Distiller community so writers can come together to support and motivate each other, talk shop, discuss challenges, and whine about the latest overrated movie to grace the silver screen.

Hey – it’s the little things.

Write safe

Sure safety isn’t the sexiest thing when you’re talking about writing, but we’re proud of being on the writer’s side, and making sure their work is safe.

The Story Distiller database is encrypted and protected with 7 levels of security. It backs up regularly, protecting your work against power surges and other mishaps.

When you work on Story Distiller, your work is on your drive, so you have complete and total control over who can access it. And should you lose your computer, we’ve made it almost impossible for anyone that’s not you to get into your story.

Your IP is your most valuable asset, which is why there’s an indelible time stamp on your work. So if some scumbag ever tries to pass off your work as their own, the time stamp will prove otherwise.

And speaking of IP, Story Distiller is an AI-free zone. We know AI is supposed to be the future, yada yada, but in this brave new world where AI is stealing writers’ voices and giving them to lazy-ass wannabes who don’t have one of their own, we’re keeping it old school. So when you use Story Distiller your voice, and other elements of your IP, stay yours.

Price and value

We made Story Distiller affordable. (Yeah, we said it.)

It’s a little more than what other screenwriting software costs while doing so much more. And because we’re for storytellers, we don’t penalise you by charging more if you choose the monthly payment option.

And the no-risk trial version is just that. No risk to your IP, and no risk that we’ll run off to the Bahamas with your credit card details. That’s secure payments for ya.

Human race represent!

Representation is important. We’re serious about this. We’re also serious about writers making money from writing and let’s face it: diversity and representation mean bigger audiences, and bigger audiences means bigger box office. There are also more and more production companies specifically looking for screenplays that feature characters that are fully-fledged, non-clichéd representations of all kinds of people – and about damn time.

Story Distiller is the only writing software that allows you to check your work for inclusivity and make your screenplay more saleable and – why the hell not – that little bit more world-changing. Story Distiller currently includes the Bechdel-Wallace test (for representation of women), the Vito Russo test (for LGBTQ representation), and our own ethnic representation test.

Got another group in this huge ole diverse world that you’d like Story Distiller to represent? Let us know!

Thank you, Janet Mock. We couldn’t agree more.