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A screenwriting software revolution and it’s free*

Welcome to Story Distiller

Screenwriters; have you ever wondered, when every book and course on story telling and screenwriting are mostly devoted to structure and character, why all the available software does is format paragraphs? Sure, it’s important to adhere to the screenplay formatting rules, but isn’t it about time there was a program to help you to plan your story structure? To deliver a tightly paced 1st draft?

And, while we’re at it, what about a solution to writer’s block?

Welcome to Story Distiller, the world’s most powerful and revolutionary story writing software that helps you plan and structure your story and distil it all down – so that every page is dense with detail and nuance – whilst simultaneously reducing the number of drafts you need to write and making the process more creative and enjoyable at the same time.

Story Distiller works by keeping track of every character, thread, arc, plot point, scene and scene beat in your story, allowing you to write, rewrite, view and understand each and every story element and see clearly how everything connects, relates and intercepts, before committing to a draft. Distilling ties the various parts together, combining numerous related plot points into jam-packed scenes and then fleshing each scene out into scene beats that map out each step of your story – every action, reaction and line of dialogue summarised.

You’ll see and control all the details without ever losing sight of the big picture, thanks to our graphical overview timeline and detailed storyboard.

Each step in the unique Story Distiller process is broken down into tiny, bite-sized chunks so you never have to feel that sense of overwhelm that can trigger writer’s block. And, when the time comes to begin your first draft, rather than facing the dreaded blank page, Story Distiller presents you with page after page of scenes in place, with all your scene beats laid out as bullet points – as well as a page budget for each scene, so you know what you need to write and over how many pages.

*Story Distiller Personal is free – and always will be – with the Pro version only $19.95 per month. Both are available for Windows and Mac. How are they different?

Downloads are currently disabled while we update from version 1.1.4 to version 2.0 but trust us – it’s gonna be worth the wait! In the meantime, feel free to check out the Help pages for more information. Alternatively, Contact Us with any questions.