Creating Great Relationships

As with the previous pages (Story and Characters), the Relationships Page presents you with a series of prompts to, in this case, help you write the best relationships you can.

Like in Characters, you will see lists on the left hand. side. You can swap between Characters and Relationships. To the right of the lists, you will see three columns; the first and third present questions relating to the individual characters who form the relationship, with the centre column prompting you for questions about the relationship itself.

When you first reach the page, only the character’s list on the left will be populated. Creating a new relationship uses the same commands as creating a new character, only this time, in order to name your new relationship, double click on the two characters for whom you wish to create a relationship. Their names will appear above the left and right columns, respectively, with the relationship name visible above the centre column. The Equal Representation Scores generated for each character will be compounded here.

Your cursor will be waiting for you in the relationship description field. Just tab from one to the next, shift-tab to go backwards, or just click on the field into which you’d like to enter or edit text.

In a similar vein to the characters page, the prompts here serve the only function of helping you to create better, more realistic and three-dimensional relationships. Take the time to respond to the prompts thoughtfully, keeping in mind you get back what you put in.

That said, like characters, each relationship you create will also create a Story and Relationship Arc for your use once you are ready to proceed to the next page.

Relationship reports can be printed at any time via the button show here or via the “Print” option in the File menu (cmd/ctrl-P).