The Characters Page

  • Whenever you create a new character, they will be added to the list on the left hand side of the screen, name and role. Just double-click on any character in the list to load their profile in the page.
  • You can also search for characters in the list by entering any search term you like into the search field above the list. The Search function searches all fields and narrows the list as you type.
  • Like the Story Page, the Characters Page is pretty straightforward. However, allow us a few words on intent.
  • For most writers, the notion of fully developing a story’s main characters would seem obvious. However, you will note that, regardless of what role you assign to each of your characters, the number of cells begging your input is the same. 
  • Embrace this. Fully developed characters – even those in minor roles – will add dimensionality to your scenes and make those characters more relatable.
  • This is the page upon which the equal representation scores will be based. Try to answer the questions regarding age, gender, sexuality and ethnicity honestly. Not only will this help you to form a three dimensional character but it will also provide you with a score of how your story is progressing in regard to these metrics. To know more, visit here.
  • Each character you create with generate a story arc and a character arc for that character, for later use in the Story Beats page. Story arcs represent the plot-driven story of your character, while the character arc should tell the inner journey of that character. Of course, given we’re writing a movie, that inner journey must be told using external means. So may confuse the process of writing what the characters “do” as neglecting the internal in favour of the external but never forget, your character’s inner journey needs to be conveyed to your audience through pictures and sound.
  • Character reports can be printed at any time via the button show here or via the “Print” option in the File menu (cmd/ctrl-P).